Emily Blunt misses the "repression" of England.

The 'Wild Target' actress confesses she misses living in England, now that she spends much of her time in Los Angeles, and never wants to be seen to have "abandoned" her home country.

She said: "There's sometimes a tall poppy syndrome, especially now that I'm living in, God Forbid, Los Angeles, doing American movies.

"I don't want it ever to appear that I've abandoned my country, because that's not how I feel. I miss England very much. I miss the sense of humour and I miss the repression, I miss it a lot."

The 27-year-old beauty also admits she had "no intention" of going into the acting profession, and believes herself to be lucky to have found work.

She told Culture: "I had no intention of acting. Not that I want to sound cavalier about the fact that I'm lucky enough to do it, but I never had that burning ambition. What the hell else I would do now, I have no idea. I'm utterly unqualified to do anything else, so I'm thrilled it all worked out."