Emily Blunt found it easy playing James Corden's on-screen wife.

The 31-year-old actress stars alongside James in new Disney film 'Into The Woods' and explained that her friendship with the Tony Award-winning star made her job easier.

Speaking at the London première of the film last night (08.01.15), Emily told BANG Showbiz: ''[James and I] have known each other a while, so we found our feet quite easily as this cantankerous married couple. It was nice, I love working with James.''

Emily said she was attracted to 'Into The Woods' - which has been adapted to the screen by James Lapine from his and Stephen Sondheim's Broadway hit - because it doesn't follow a clichéd path.

She explained: ''I hope that children see this, because I think it doesn't coddle them. It doesn't patronise them, I think it challenges them. And I think that kids who have seen it in America have just loved it. I think they've got it and understood it, and have been OK that it's not happily ever after.

''The story is entertaining but yet it's got these undercurrents of real life. The [characters] go through hardships and they have to recover and then move on.''