Movie couple Emily Blunt and John Krasinski played a cruel Christmas prank on neighbour Jimmy Kimmel by sneaking into his home and setting up large mechanical decorations in his living room.
The funnyman was at work when the actors erected a flashing snowman and Santa Claus inside his home after breaking in.
Kimmel told Blunt he was initially terrified when she appeared as a guest on his late-night U.S. TV show on Tuesday (01Mar11), but found the joke hilarious and took a photo, which he showed off on the programme.
The British actress admits she and her husband were convinced they'd be arrested before pulling off the practical joke.
She said, "We punched in what we thought was the right (entry) code and we maybe had five attempts, at which point the whole thing went blue and we were like, 'We're getting arrested!'"
Kimmel retaliated by mounting a neon 'Insurance' sign in the couple's yard.
Blunt recalled, "That's very frightening. We come back from a nice dinner and we drove up and we turned the corner into our drive and there's just a blue glow emanating from our house... I thought it was definitely aliens."