Emily Blunt had an "eight-pack" while she filmed new movie 'The Adjustment Bureau'.

The actress plays a ballerina in the thriller so had to get in shape for the role and says her hard work paid off because she was so toned.

Emily - who stars in the film alongside Matt Damon - told Women's Health magazine: "I looked like an aerobics teacher. My shoulders puffed out, my back looked like there was a barrel of snakes in it and I had an eight-pack!"

While Emily had to get in shape for this film, the 27-year-old beauty has previously said would love it if a director asked her to pile on the pounds for a role because it would mean she would be able to eat whatever she liked.

She said: "I'd love to get fat. I'd eat everything in sight! Matt Damon said for 'The Informant' he was in heaven every day eating fried chicken and burgers and carbonara. That idea sounds very nice to me.

"It would be worth having to lose it afterwards for four months of eating like that."