Emily Blunt ''clings'' to her British friends when she is in Los Angeles.

The English actress is now based in America - where she lives with husband John Krasinski - and while she is happy in the US she misses lots of things from home, especially the people.

She said: ''I still go back to London whenever I can to see my family. Also, quite a few of my movies have been filmed there, but I love living in LA. What's not to love? The weather's great, we have a nice house and life is good.

''But I miss afternoons in the pub, the sense of humour and the irreverence. There's a spirit to Londoners and Brits that I love, so I have a few British friends in LA that I cling to.''

Emily also says she would never appear with John in his TV show 'The Office' because it is based in reality and would confuse a lot of people.

The 'Looper' star told the Daily Mirror newspaper: '''The Office' is very much based in reality and would destroy it somewhat if people would think, 'Oh, that's John Krasinski's wife playing the pizza delivery girl,' or something. I don't want to do it because it's John's deal and you don't want to let it become too friendly and incestuous.''