Actress Emily Blunt thought acting had helped her kick her childhood stutter until a recent trip to Paris taught her the affliction returns when she speaks foreign languages.
The Devil Wears Prada star has been candid about the bad stammer she suffered as a schoolgirl.
She was convinced she'd beaten the speech impediment for good when a teacher urged her to take up acting.
She explains, "It was a big problem then and I had a teacher who helped me overcome it... who wanted me to be in class plays. (He said), 'Do you want to try it in a different accent?' He thought there was something freeing in that and there was - by being someone else I overcame it."
But at 26, Blunt admits she's hasn't quite conquered the disorder - because she still finds herself stuttering when she speaks in other languages.
She explains, "I went to Paris in the New Year and discovered I still stutter when I try to speak French, it's so weird."