Emily Blunt pored over British monarch Queen Victoria's diaries to prepare for her title role in THE YOUNG VICTORIA.
The actress was granted access to Windsor Castle in England, where she was allowed to closely inspect the monarch's personal notebooks and letters.
And she admits she was moved by how the young Victoria came across in her correspondence.
Blunt says, "I didn't know anything about her as a younger woman, so I did a lot of research. I read everything I could - they even let us into Windsor Castle to read her diaries and letters.
"You can hear her voice when you see her writing - which is illegible, by the way. Everything is underlined, and she was a very emotional creature. As a young woman she loved ballet and singing, and would be up at four in the morning dancing while (her husband) Albert would be conked out by 11pm. She really did like to have a good time."