Actress Emily Blunt is glad her stint as a movie ballerina in new film THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU is over - because now she can get back to eating her favourite food.
The Young Victoria star insists the role was the most challenging thing she has ever done, and she hated her diet.
She tells WENN, "It's an endurance test physically because you are effectively living the life of an athlete for months on end. I'd work out for two hours a day and dance for three hours a day, six days a week, and I ate nothing but chicken, salad and veg, which I hate - because I eat like a truck driver."
And Blunt now thinks all ballerinas are mad for striving for perfection at all times: "They're all weirdos. All of those dancers are striving for that ethereal precision and it's their whole existence. They don't know who they are if they can't dance.
"I found it very hard because I never danced before. It was so alien to me but it's soul building doing something that embarrasses and terrifies you until you get to the point where you can pass as a dancer. The trainers from Cedar Lake modern dance company were very tough on me saying things like, 'Put your shoulders down, it looks terrible. Your arms look weird...' They don't want some actress misrepresenting how brilliant they are and kind of waltzing in thinking, 'I can do it,' because I couldn't do it... It was exhausting."