Emily Blunt's London Christmas will be extra special because the actress hasn't been home since June (09).
The Devil Wears Prada star's holiday season will be topped off if she gets to put the angel on top of the family Christmas tree.
She explains, "I'm one of four kids and I remember every year we'd alternate who would put the angel on the top of the tree. I was always really anal about remembering who would put it on last year. There would always be huge fights between the kids.
"Dad would have to lift us up to put it on and when my older sister and I were hitting 11 and 12, of course it was much easier to lift my sisters, who were three and four - so I think dad much preferred lifting them to put the angel on the tree. I have no idea who gets to do it this year.
"We do that Christmas Eve and on Boxing Day we usually have roast beef. I'm really excited. I'd really like to eat my face off this Christmas."
And Blunt has much to celebrate - she became engaged to John Krasinski in 2009.