British actress Emily Blunt has defended her decision to swap independent movies for big budget blockbusters - insisting she doesn't need to "atone" for her career choices.
After a supporting role in hit fashion film The Devil Wears Prada, Blunt has made her name with a string of smaller films, including The Young Victoria, Sunshine Cleaning and The Great Buck Howard.
She's now set to hit cinemas with blockbusters including The Wolfman and Gulliver's Travels, but insists she's not chasing big money movies.
Blunt says, "I knew what I was signing up for. Really I did. People were, like, 'Why have you strayed away from independent films?'. I thought, 'Give us a break! I've hardly done anything but independent films.'"
And Blunt praises her The Wolfman co-star Benicio Del Toro for offering her some good advice.
She adds, "I think Benicio put it best. He said, 'C'mon, man. I like candy too, y'know?'. That's how I feel. Why should you have to atone for making big movies?"