Emily Atack had to have scenes in 'Patrick' rewritten because she isn't ''sporty'' at all.

The 28-year-old actress' friends thought it was hilarious when she was cast as P.E. teacher Becky in the upcoming Disney movie because it's so very different to her real life.

She admitted ''I'm not sporty in any way - my friends laughed when I told them I was playing a P.E. teacher.

''In some of the stage directions it says, 'Becky is stretching like a ballerina by the side of the river' and by the end they had to change it to, 'Becky is sat by the river' because I can't do anything!

''I love that 'Patrick' is about everyday, regular women.''

The blonde beauty particularly enjoyed working with Jennifer Saunders and her daughter, Beattie Edmondson, on the movie.

She gushed: ''[Jennifer is] as cool as a cucumber.

''She's brilliant, an extremely funny, nice, normal woman.

''Beattie, her daughter, plays one of the other girls in the film, so it was nice to see mother and daughter on set together.''

Emily loves working in comedy and her dream role would be in a sequel to hit comedy 'Bridesmaids'.

She said: ''[My dream role would be] to star with Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig and Rose Byrne in a 'Bridesmaids' type film - 'Bridesmaids 2' - playing a woman who is not afraid to be funny, crude, and sexy.''

Emily would love to star in a third 'Inbetweeners' movie but despite recent speculation, she insists there's nothing in the pipeline at the moment.

She told OK! magazine: ''There's been lots of talk about it but my understanding is there are no plans for a new film at the moment.

''It would be great though.

''I'd love to work with the boys and the rest of the team again. It was such a great time in my life. I enjoyed it so much.''