Hollywood actor Emilio Estevez is convinced that the downfall of modern American society began when Robert F Kennedy was assassinated in 1968. The Breakfast Club star directs BOBBY, which premiered at the Venice Film Festival this week (beg04SEP06) and chronicles the last 16 hours of Kennedy's life. And Estevez, son of Martin Sheen and brother of Charlie Sheen, insists that if Kennedy had lived, America would have been a better place. He says, "To this day, Bobby Kennedy remains one of the greatest 'what if he had lived' questions. I think we went into a freefall after he died. "The Chicago convention followed. (RICHARD) NIXON was elected president. Then came Watergate and we became a very cynical nation. We have yet to recover. We are still grieving. "Bobby was a very sexy man, 42 years old and charismatic. We need again to sex up the process, if you will. We're broken right now. "I hope people will find Bobby (the film) an inspiration."