Filmmaker Emilio Estevez was taken back to his childhood while making real-life assassination drama BOBBY - because his father Martin Sheen had taken him to meet the late Senator ROBERT KENNEDY. Estevez' movie focuses on the last 16 hours of Kennedy's life, before he was shot and killed by SIRHAN SIRHAN at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles in 1968. And Estevez' dad Sheen was such a staunch supporter of Democrat Kennedy he played him in the 1974 TV movie THE MISSILES OF OCTOBER. Estevez says, "Dad took me with him on one of those days and that's when Bobby shook my hand. "My father really admired him. I was six when Bobby was shot and when I heard it on the news, it was me who woke up my dad to tell him. "The following year (69) he took me to the Ambassador to pay our respects. My father held my hand, walked me through those grand halls and told me what we had lost. "When I returned to the Ambassador all those years later to shoot the movie, my whole childhood came back to me."