Emilio Estevez has signed on to appear in a sequel to cult Brat Pack movie The Breakfast Club, despite missing out on joining his castmates for a MTV Movie Awards reunion last month (JUN05).

The actor failed to show up for the 20th anniversary get together, but insists he did have every intention of being there until a family emergency forced him to pull out.

He says, "It didn't work out but I love that movie. I wouldn't deliberately avoid such a situation, it's just that family called that night - and my kids always come first.

"I felt truly honoured to be involved in the movie. It's amazing the legacy it's had."

But Estevez, who played high school sports star ANDY CLARK in director John Hughes' 1985 detention tale, urges fans of the film not to take his no-show as a sign he's not interested in a planned sequel.

He adds, "John's got an idea for a sequel - mature aged students at college, all doing time again - for some reason or another.

"The twist would be that we're all the polar opposites of how we were in the original. JUDD (NELSON), for instance, would now be the straight-laced one. I'm definitely in. If it happens, I'm there."

11/07/2005 09:15