Actor/director Emilio Estevez had to create a role in his acclaimed new movie BOBBY for actress SVETLANA METKINA when her financier husband offered to fund the film in return. The BREAKFAST CLUB star initially cast producer MICHEL LITVAK's Russian bride as the wife of his father Martin Sheen's character in the star-studded film, which focuses on the assassination of US Senator Robert F Kennedy at Los Angeles' Ambassador Hotel. But he had to reconsider when Helen Hunt joined the cast and took over the part. Estevez explains, "She (Metkina) was too young and she didn't really have an command of the English language. "So I started to research who this person could be... Potentially there could be a Czech reporter at the Ambassador following the campaign. "I created this role (LENKA JANACEK) for her and I think she's fine in the film. It could have been a lot worse."