LATEST: Music producer Emilio Estefan has paid tribute to his close pal FABIO ALONSO SALGADO, wishing him a full recovery following a weekend shooting. The Latino songwriter/producer was gunned down by one of his employees in Miami on Friday (25May07) and critically wounded in the chest and the back of the head. Salgado was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital, where his condition was described as "near fatal", but he was able to speak to police and identify the gunman - allegedly one of his employees. Emilio Estefan, Gloria Estefan's husband, has voiced his amazement at the incident, and lavishes praise on his friend. He tells the Miami Herald newspaper, "We're in shock to hear this. He's a talented individual and a friend, and we pray for his speedy recovery." Salgado, known also as Estefano, arrived in Miami in 1989 looking for work and survived doing odd jobs until he met the Estefans. The song that launched his career was Mi Tierra, which became one of Gloria Estefan's classic recordings.