Hip-hop star SEAN 'DIDDY' COMBS is using his new record company Bad Boy Latino to unite musical cultures and hail the 'new era of Diddy'.

The music mogul - who last week (begs14AUG05) changed his recording name from P Diddy to just Diddy - is teaming up with Grammy-winning producer Emilio Estefan for the venture, which he predicts will take the music industry by storm.

Combs is marking the arrival of his new music brand by mixing Hispanic sounds with contemporary urban genres such as hip-hop, R+B and rap, and is currently recruiting upcoming talent to star on the label.

He says, "The Latino market in the US is such a beautiful, diverse and powerful market and I am blessed to have a partner like Emilio.

"He's an amazing example of how creativity, combined with hard work and a belief in one's self, can spark an entire cultural movement.

"It's my hope that together we can create a new cultural movement that unite these audiences."