British actress Emilia Fox is determined to conquer her fear of the kitchen and learn how to cook in 2011.
The Pianist star admits she has never prepared an entire meal on her own before, but her actor dad Edward Fox is urging her to take cookery lessons - so she will be able to rustle up meals for her new daughter Rose, who was born in November (10).
The actress says, "I've never really properly cooked a meal. I've done some soup and I'm really good at baked potatoes. But actually cooking a meal panics me - it all has to be ready at the right time and (I ask) 'Will it poison people that have come round?'
"My dad is so worried about it for the baby, because I guess, presumably, I have to cook for the baby at some point - otherwise I will be breastfeeding for a horrifically long time! (So) he's actually got me cookery lessons for Christmas. That's a good dad, isn't it?"