British actress Emilia Fox had to practise drinking to portray an alcoholic in her new film - because she's not used to boozing.
The star takes on a part in time-travelling drama Harmony, which is set for release later this year (10), and admits she struggled with the role as she has rarely experienced being drunk.
She says, "Playing an alcoholic was very interesting since I'm not a very big drinker. I thought, 'How can I experience getting drunk?' I've got a mechanism in me that goes 'I don't want anymore alcohol' so I very, very rarely can remember getting drunk, but I did attempt to get drunk to know what the feeling was like on this film. I don't recommend it.
"Whilst you're playing drunk you feel like you need to be sort of slightly overly relaxed and not in control of what you're doing and yet actually when you are quite drunk you're trying to take control so you're a lot more studied and concentrated, so it was trying to get that balance which was quite interesting."