The Pianist star began dating the cook in 2012, when he was still married to his estranged third wife Mati Conejero. Now, after an on-and-off romance, the couple has finally called it quits, according to her actor father Edward.

"Millie and Marco are not together any more," he tells Britain's Daily Mail newspaper. "They're great friends, but they broke up... I used to get on with Marco, but I don't see him now. Everybody has split up with someone, haven't they? I think you should try to make things work but, at the point you think: 'That's enough' - don't hang on."

The chef still remains married to Conejero, with whom he has three children, and Edward hints that Marco's family situation was an issue in his relationship with Emilia.

"The thing is, he's got so many responsibilities - he's got his children, he's got his wife, and things just didn't work out," he adds. "But they are good friends... I'd like Millie to be happy. That's all I want. I'd just like her to be happy at some point."

Emilia, 41, was previously married to Mad Men star Jared Harris for three years until 2008. She is mother to five-year-old daughter Rose from her relationship with actor Jeremy Gilley.

Marco, 54, split from Mati in 2012. They are parents to Luciano, 22, Marco Junior, 20, and Mirabelle, 13.