Actors Emile Hirsch, James Franco and Josh Brolin hope they'll entertain audiences of forthcoming film MILK beyond the big screen - by prompting more support for same-sex marriage in California.
The trio appear on screen together in the Harvey Milk biopic - which follows the life of the first openly gay man voted into public office in America.
And the castmates admit they hope to influence voters against California’s Proposition 8, which is attempting to outlaw same-sex marriage statewide.
Actor James Franco tells Access Hollywood at the film's U.S. premiere: "This is a really big night for San Francisco and it’s just great that this is happening right before Prop 8."
Echoing his sentiments, Hirsch adds: "This film premiere especially is going to generate a lot of attention for Prop 8. I think it’s going to be really helpful for (the fight against) Prop 8."
And their co-star, Josh Brolin, admits he too is hopeful the film will have a real impact.
He says: “If it does impact (election politics) I think that’s great. I feel very strongly about 'No' on Prop 8, and you just hope for the best."