British rocker LIAM GALLAGHER subjected Embrace frontman DANNY McNAMARA to an impromptu rendition of the new Oasis album - and left him with long-lasting ear ache.

The WONDERWALL star belted out a cappella vocal parts from DON'T BELIEVE THE TRUTH in a 15-minute performance after a chance meeting with GRAVITY singer McNamara.

McNamara explains, "I bumped into Liam a couple of weeks ago and I'm only just getting over it now. I told him I was really keen to hear the new Oasis album, so he just sat down and screamed a load of tracks into my lug hole (ear).

"I told him I wanted to hear some of the ballads - but he blasted through all the heavier tracks for me.

"To be honest, it really hurt my ears."

24/04/2005 14:15