Embrace performed to their ''favourite audience'' of their tour in London on Friday (06.04.18) .

The 'Good Will Out' rockers delighted their fans at the O2 Empire in Shepherds Bush with a set that combined their greatest hits with tracks from new album 'Love is a Basic Need', and the excited response they received left the band equally happy.

Returning to the stage for their encore, frontman Danny McNamara said: ''We were just saying, this has been our favourite audience of the tour so far.''

The 47-year-old rocker had been in a great mood during the evening, teasing the audience for their advancing years.

Introducing title track from the new album 'Love is a Basic Need', he asked the crowd to sing along to the chorus, pointing out the words were printed on drummer Mike Heaton's kit, but suggesting those with deteriorating eyesight simply seek out a fan wearing one of their new t-shirts, which featured the slogan, in order to read the words.

And before performing 'Save Me', he urged everyone to jump up and down, but gave a demonstration on how the crowd could save their aching knees and hips by simply lifting their heels instead of leaving the ground.

After the audience got on their feet and obliged with his request, he congratulated them afterwards for doing a great job ''up to the third chorus'' - before doing an impression of them gasping for breath.

Despite Danny's jibes at their expense, the audience were in fine form and sang along to the group's most popular hits, including 'All You Good Good People', 'Ashes', 'Gravity' and 'Come Back To What You Know', while the new tracks were equally well received.

For the encore, the group performed new track - and upcoming single - 'All That Remains' before being joined by support act Eevah's Nicole Hope Smith for a duet of 'Never', ending the evening with a rousing chorus of 'The Good Will Out' that had the crowd still singing as they left the packed-out venue.