Comeback band Embrace were forced to return to a life of menial labour after their record company dropped them.

Following the disappointing sales and response to their 2001 album IF YOU'VE NEVER BEEN, record label VIRGIN terminated their contract - leaving the band penniless and desperate for money.

And apart from frontman DANNY McNAMARA - who had sensibly saved earnings from their first two albums - the remaining members of the British group turned to eBAY and "welding plastic" in a desperate bid for income.

McNamara says, "My brother (guitarist RICHARD) sold stuff on eBay to make money but the others (drummer MIKE HEATON and bassist STEVEN FIRTH) all got day jobs. They were selling advertising, delivering water and welding plastic, which is a horrible job - you're just burning your hands for eight hours a day.

"I didn't spend all my money first time round. I'm not very materialistic. I don't have a car."

Embrace - once touted as the next OASIS - have rocketed back to the top of the charts with their appropriately titled 2004 album OUT OF NOTHING on EPIC offshoot INDEPENDIENTE.

29/04/2005 14:13