Rockers Embrace have denied they are on the verge of splitting, despite last night (21SEP06) insisting their next album would be their last. Singer DANNY MCNAMARA said he was tiring of the music industry after investing so much of his life in the group, and was desperate to try his hand at other things. He said, "I think our next album will be our last ever album. If we get as far as making it and finishing it, I want it to be a masterpiece and I want to take as long as it takes. "We've worked solidly since I was 17 - that's half my life - and I've done nothing except look at the bigger picture. I haven't stopped to smell the flowers along the way at all." However, in an interview this morning to clear up the confusion, MCNamara insisted his comments had been misconstrued: "We're going to make our next album as if it's our last, but we always do that anyway, because that's how we go into these things, you've got to be wholehearted, you know." He said of the split rumours: "That definitely not the intention. "This tour that we're on might be the last for a while as there's some stuff that I want to do. But our next album's got to be amazing and it needs a lot from me to do that." Embrace are currently promoting their current album THIS NEW DAY in the UK.