Review of Natures Law Single by Embrace

Natures Law
Single Review

Embrace Natures Law Single

Danny McNamara's hovering vocals lifted Embrace to the lofty heights of an Arena tour, a table tennis football match with the England 1966 Word Cup squad and earned them the respect of many doubters with their last album, 'Out Of Nothing'. They are as prominent in this reflective acceptance of powerlessness and are backed by a choral element to produce another catchy Embrace chorus. A piano interlude of the Coldplay variety gives Danny a chance to knock listeners down with his chillingly lucid touch.

Of the B-sides, 'Deliver Me' is on all out Brit-pop basher, allowing Richard McNamara to shine with his churning guitar, incorporating kicking key changes. The rousing 'Collide' features echoing repetition of the song title and sees Danny giving the vocals a stammering touch, to show Embrace at their most frenetic. The latter number would make an interesting addition to the set list on the band's forthcoming Forest Tour, as the reverb nature of it would make for a chillingly throbbing feel.

David Adair

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