It'll cost you something to the tune of $100,000 if you want to own Elvis Presley 's original crypt, up for auction from June 23rd. Yep, whether you're making plans for your own funeral or simply reckon that the King's one-time resting place would be a good spot to spend some quiet time (even he's not in there anymore having been re-buried in Graceland a short while after his first entombment) you can do so in luxury - in fact you could probably even live in it judging by the size of the thing.
According to the auctioneer Juliens, here's what you could be winning: "the crypt where Elvis was once entombed; opening and closing of the vault and crypt for burial; memorialization inscription; and use of a small chapel for a committal service. Transportation and funeral home charges are not included." To be fair, if you can afford $100,000 to buy this then you're probably not really worrying about transportation and funeral home costs.
The tomb is based at Forest Hill Cemetery in Memphis, Tennessee. It's been open since the late 1800s and, according to the website is "was one of the first cemeteries in Memphis to welcome everyone, regardless of their religious affiliation or ethnic background." The choice was fitting for Presley, given the credence he placed in music of African-American origin at the time of his career.