A sixteen-hour Elvis Presley documentary has been banned in America after an appeals court ruled it infringed copyright regulations.

The DEFINITIVE ELVIS video incorporated several of THE KING's TV appearances, which ELVIS PRESLEY ENTERPRISES, JERRY LEIBER and MIKE STOLLER objected to.

Leiber and Stoller wrote Elvis classics including JAILHOUSE ROCK and HOUND DOG and are upset documentary makers PASSPORT VIDEO used so much archive television footage.

The US appeals court in San Francisco, California upheld a previous decision to disallow further distribution of the video.

JUDGE RICHARD TALLMAN wrote in his decision, "The King is dead. His legacy, and those who wish to profit from it, remains very much alive.

"It would be impossible to produce a biography of Elvis without showing some of his most famous television appearances for reference purposes.

"But some of the clips are played without much interruption, if any. The purpose of showing these clips likely goes beyond merely making a reference for a biography, but instead serves the same intrinsic entertainment value that is protected by plaintiff's copyrights."

07/11/2003 19:27