LATEST: Two close friends of Elvis Presley have refuted claims the star once made a secret visit to London - insisting the singer never set foot in the British capital.
It's been long reported that Presley's only visit to the U.K. was when his plane stopped at Prestwick Airport, near Glasgow, Scotland, to refuel on his way back to the U.S. in 1960.
But last month (Apr08), British entertainer Tommy Steele claimed the king of rock 'n' roll visited him in London at the age of 23 in 1958.
He told British newspaper the Daily Mail, "(I) swore never to divulge publicly (what happened).
"I can only hope he (Presley) can forgive me. It was an event shared by two young men sharing the same love of their music and the same thrill of achieving something unimaginable."
However, Lamar Fike and Marty Lacker, two of Presley's pals - part of his entourage nicknamed the Memphis Mafia - insist the legendary singer never travelled to England.
Fike, who served with Presley in the U.S. Army in Germany for 18 months, tells the BBC, "My apologies to Tommy, but it did not happen. I was with him the whole time. I got there two days after he got there. He was confined to base.
"Had he gone to England, I'd have been there."