Elvis Presley's father was the man who secretly plotted to snatch The King's dead body from his mausoleum resting place - to convince Memphis, Tennessee officials that the rocker should be buried at his Graceland home. The bodysnatching incident stunned Elvis fans just a week after he was buried at Forest Hill Midtown Cemetery in 1977, and now one of the grave robbers is speaking out about the plot in a new film. In THE TRUTH ABOUT ELVIS, RONNIE LEE ADKINS insists he met with Presley's father VERNON in a parking lot to arrange the theft of the King's body. He says, "He asked me if there was anything that might be able to be done to get Elvis moved from Forest Hills Cemetery. "I said, 'The best thing to do is put him in a mausoleum, where it's easier to get to, it's inside work and that way we won't be seen.'" Former FBI secret agent IC SMITH backs up Adkins' claim in new documentary, adding, "The Presley family had gone to the Memphis City Council and asked for permission to bury Elvis at Graceland and there was no provision for burying people in one's yard." Presley now lies at rest alongside his mother, grandmother and father at Graceland, where his grave is visited by millions of fans every year.