The army uniform Elvis Presley wore in 1960 movie G.I. BLUES is offering hope to those still struggling to cope with the devastation of Hurricane Katrina after it was saved from the flood and restored. The outfit was all set to go on display at Biloxi, Mississippi's Hard Rock Hotel + Casino when the hurricane destroyed the venue in 2005 and sent priceless pop and rock memorabilia items to a watery grave. Hard Rock bosses, who were planning to open their new hotel as Katrina hit, feared they'd never see many of the memorabilia that was washed away again - but Presley's army uniform washed up on a nearby shore days later, complete with the hat he wore in the movie. The battered and torn outfit was sent to master restorers Imperial Gown Restoration in Fairfax, Virginia, where experts toiled on the garments for 60 hours, at a cost of $3,000 (GBP1,540). The restored suit will now be reinstalled in the Biloxi Hard Rock venue, when it opens this summer (07).