Elvis Presley died after refusing to undergo surgery for his crippling constipation, according to The King's personal physician.
Dr. George Nichopoulos was dubbed The Man Who Killed Elvis after the superstar's death, when he was indicted on 14 counts of over-supplying drugs to the Suspicious Minds legend and a host of other rockers.
He was later acquitted, and revealed in a tell-all book last year (09) that Presley was riddled with ailments including eye disease glaucoma, arthritis, a fatty liver, and an enlarged heart at the end of his life in 1977.
Now Dr. Nichopoulos has revealed further details of Presley's medical problems - insisting the singer's constipation was so bad, his colon was twice its normal size.
He tells Fox.com, "After he died we weren't sure (of the exact cause of death) so I continued to do some research and I had some doctors call me from different places and different med schools that were doing research on constipation.
"We didn't realise until the autopsy that his constipation was as bad. We knew it was bad because it was hard for us to treat, but we didn't realise what it had done. We just assumed that the constipation was secondary to the meds that he was taking for his arthritic pain and for his insomnia. We found stool in his colon which had been there for four or five months because of the poor motility of the bowel."
And the medic insists it was Presley's own vanity which prevented him from undergoing a colostomy operation: "He would get embarrassed, he'd have accidents onstage. He'd have to change clothes and come back because of the way we were trying to treat his constipation. So if they had done the colostomy then, he'd probably still be here."
Presley died at his Graceland home in Memphis, Tennessee aged 42, from suspected cardiac arrhythmia.