Rock 'n' roll legend Elvis Presley is still topping rich lists 27 years after his death - he's been named the world's biggest earning dead celebrity.

Boosted by the re-release of his 1954 hit THAT'S ALRIGHT (MAMA), Presley has made $39 million (GBP21.7 million) from album and merchandise sales over the past year.

The HEARTBREAK HOTEL great's posthumous income beat the combined earnings of late BEATLES stars John Lennon and George Harrison.

SNOOPY illustrator CHARLES SCHULTZ and Lord Of The Rings author JRR TOLKIEN scored second and third place respectively in FORBES.COM's Earnings From The Crypt list.

Presley has topped the list every since it was launched four years ago.

The top ten is as follows:

2: CHARLES SCHULTZ ($34.2 million/GBP19 million)

3: JRR TOLKIEN ($22.3 million/GBP12.4 million)

4: JOHN LENNON ($20 million/GBP11.4 million)

5: THEODOR 'DR SEUSS' GEISEL ($17.4 million/GBP9.7 million)

6: Marilyn Monroe ($7.7 million/GBP4.3 million)

7= GEORGE HARRISON ($6.8 million/GBP3.8 million)

7= IRVING BERLIN ($6.8 million/GBP3.8 million)

7= Bob Marley ($6.8 million/GBP3.8 million)

10: RICHARD RODGERS ($6.3 million/GBP3.5 million). (TN/WNTEX/ZG)

10: RICHARD RODGERS ($6.3 million/GBP3.5 million).

26/10/2004 14:24