Elvis Presley was so fond of practical jokes he once cheekily dropped his pants in front of Led Zeppelin star JOHN PAUL JONES. The late rock 'n' roll legend, welcoming a group of guests to his home dressed only in pyjama bottoms and a robe, invited Jones to switch trousers before stunning the group with a glimpse of his privates. Former pal JERRY SCHILLING recalls the hilarious incident in new book ME AND A GUY NAMED ELVIS explaining, "(Elvis) stood, eyed John, and said, 'Let's swap pants,' while simultaneously, in expert (MONTY) PYTHON fashion, letting his pyjama bottoms drop beneath his robe. John burst out laughing. Nobody accepted Elvis' offer." Other favourite gags included wowing friends with almost faultless recitations of his best-loved film scripts, including DR STRANGELOVE, Monty Python movies and ACROSS 110TH STREET. Schilling says of 1972 blaxploitation film Across 110th Street, "He began to act out the whole movie, setting up each scene and then presenting just about every line of dialogue in the script. "He brought each character to life with walks, vocal mannerisms and the subtlest of gestures. (He) didn't stop until he got to the final scene of the film."