Elvis Presley has been named as the celebrity most British people would want to bring back to life.

A poll conducted by Warner Home Video to mark the DVD release of Pushing Daisies revealed that almost one in four Brits would like to resurrect the King.

The late Princess Diana was named in second, with 20 per cent of respondents saying they would revive her, while Marilyn Monroe was placed third.

Pushing Daisies, which screened on ABC in the US and ITV1 in the UK, stars Lee Pace and British actress Anna Friel in an unusual tale of a pie maker whose ability to bring people back from the dead leads him into a lucrative sideline of solving murders, only for his life to grow increasingly complicated when he revives his childhood sweetheart.

Ned (Pace) can revive the dead with a single touch, but a second touch ends their life again, meaning that when he brings first love Chuck (Friel) back to life, he is unable to ever touch her again.

And as the first series of the Golden Globe-nominated show nears its DVD debut, Warner Bros revealed that if Brits had Ned's power, they would revive the King of Rock 'n' Roll and the People's Princess.

Other historical figures named in the top ten included Winston Churchill, William Shakespeare and Freddie Mercury.

The top ten celebrities people most want to bring back to life are:

1 Elvis Presley
2 Princess Diana
3 Marilyn Monroe
4 Winston Churchill
5 Bobby Moore
6 William Shakespeare
7 Henry VIII
8 Freddie Mercury
9 Albert Einstein
10 Kurt Cobain

Pushing Daisies is out now on DVD.

24/06/2008 00:02:01