An unknown song by Elvis Presley has been rediscovered after 40 years and will go on sale.

I'M A ROUSTABOUT was originally recorded for THE KING's 1964 movie ROUSTABOUT, but was rejected for being too risque for the time.

The offending line "Stick it in his ear" was deemed too strong, and subsequently the track was lost.

JOE DIMURO, executive vice president of record label RCA's parent company BMG STRATEGIC MARKETING GROUP, says, "In 1964, they thought it was somewhat abusive language."

The track will be issued on 7 October (03) by RCA on a compilation entitled ELVIS 2ND TO NONE, the follow-up to last year's (02) best-selling ELVIS 30 NO 1 HITS.

The song's co-composer WINFIELD SCOTT found an unmarked recording of the tune in question in the basement of his New Jersey, America home, several years ago.

He recalls, "I know it sounds strange, but I had actually forgotten about it. It was just laying around, along with a whole slew of other demos and a couple hundred songs."

19/08/2003 17:18