Elvis Presley's granddaughter RILEY KEOUGH and pop star RYAN CABRERA went public with their not-so-secret romance again last night (12FEB07) at the same club where they were spotted making out in last year (06). The hot couple were spotted "going at it" by revellers at Los Angeles Key Club - and this time Keough's mother wasn't there to play chaperone. Tattooed Cabrera posed for his 17-year-old girlfriend as she took goofy snapshots of the singer and then the couple let everyone at the venue know they were very much in love with a very open public display of affection. One clubber says, "They were all over each other and they really stood out because everyone else in the audience were there just watching METAL SKOOL, the band onstage. "They make a lovely young couple and they even dress the same - they both have that pop grunge look." The last time the couple was spotted at the weekly club, Keogh brought mum Lisa-Marie Presley and her stepdad MICHAEL LOCKWOOD with her, but last night they hit the scene alone. Cabrera, who once dated Ashlee Simpson, has become a regular at the Metal Skool show - he even performed onstage with the 80s tribute group last year (06).