Elvis Presley's former home has been bought for $905,100 (GBP503,000) by paranormalist Uri Geller and two partners, through auction website eBay. Rock 'n' roll king Presley lived in the Tennessee home for 13 months before buying his legendary mansion, Graceland. And Israeli-born Geller is convinced Elvis, who died in 1977, helped him win the bid after approving his plans to use it for the greater good. He says, "We are unbelievably pleased. This is a piece of history. We intend to restore it to its old glory. We would like to bring sick children there (for tours), Palestinian children, Israeli children, American children. Hopefully one day we might get approval to turn it into a museum. "As the clock closed on the bidding Sunday, I felt intuitively I got the price. I was text messaging Gleason and it was exactly 11 on my mobile phone and suddenly the radio started playing an Elvis song. That was Elvis telling me we got the house!" The psychic met Presley in Las Vegas, Nevada in the 1970s, after the music legend asked Geller to perform his famous spoon-bending trick for him. Geller became a huge fan and has since amassed a large collection of Presley memorabilia.