Elvis Presley's autograph is still a top scribble, according to Autograph Magazine's annual list of rock 'n' roll signatures. At prices of up to $25,000 (GBP12,500), the King's autograph is still a hot item to collectors, over 30 years after his death. Beatle Sir Paul MCCartney's signature comes in at number two on the new Top 10 Rockin' Buys list, compiled by expert Roger Epperson, and Aerosmith combined are third. But Autograph magazine editor Steve Cyrkin urges fans to be careful when buying the star's scribbles. He says, "Watch out, there are forgeries abound, and not just on the internet. We've found galleries with more forged than authentic autographs, particularly in tourist destinations. "Get a second opinion from a respected music autograph expert, or get yours authenticated by a reputable autograph authentication service." Autograph Magazine's Top 10 Rock 'n' Roll buys are: 1. Elvis Presley 2. Sir Paul MCCartney 3. Aerosmith 4. Eric Clapton 5. AC DC 6. Bob Dylan 7. Jimmy Page 8. Sir Elton John 9. Eddie Van Halen 10. B.B. King.