King of Rock Elvis Presley 'worked out' by eating pizza, motionless on an exercise bike.
The legendary singer piled on the pounds towards the end of his career, through compulsive eating and overuse of prescription drugs. And his 'exercise routine' to battle his bulging wasteline, only made him fatter - according to Elvis' singer pal Tom Jones.
Jones tells Uncut magazine, "I was great friends with him. But we never worked out together. As time went on and he started putting on weight, instead of regarding it as the problem it was, he started having fun with it.
"I saw him do it a few times, sitting on his exercise bike eating a pizza. We were in his suite at the Hilton in Vegas. He used to sit on it and put his feet on it but not touch the handlebars and say, 'Are you still working out, Tom? Me too, Look,' as he sat with his belly poking out and popped another devilled egg into his mouth."