Fans of celebrity memorabilia sold at auction, might remember that it was in Stockport, near Manchester, where someone spent nearly 20k on one of former Beatle John Lennon's teeth. Now, Elvis Presley's bible is to be auctioned off in the same area, with Bbc News reporting that it's expected to fetch a similar figure.
The book was understood to have been given to Elvis Presley by his Uncle Vester and Aunt Clettes for his first Christmas at his Graceland home in 1957. 1,600 pages thick, the book contains annotations by Presley himself. One note reads: "To judge a man by his weakest link or deed is like judging the power of the ocean by one wave". The piece will be sold to mark the 35th anniversary of the death of 'The King', who passed away on 16th August 1977.
It's one of more than 100 pieces of Elvis memorabilia being sold at Omega Auctions in Stockport on September 8th 2012. Auctioneer Paul Fairweather commented "With much of the memorabilia in the collection having never previously been seen in the market, we are expecting significant interest from Elvis fans and collectors worldwide." There is no word on whether any of Presley's teeth are included.