Elvis Presley was remembered by silent mourners who arrived at his Memphis home with candles in their hands for a memorial ceremony on Tuesday (16th August 2011). Thousands of Elvis fanatics surrounded his grave at Graceland, to mark the 34th anniversary of his sudden death, reports the Associated Press.
The ceremony is the main attraction of 'Elvis Week', seven days dedicated to the life and times of 'The King'. Flower arrangements and wreaths were placed at the burial site to the sound of Presley's biggest hits. Paula Penna, who travelled with her family from Brazil to attend the vigil, said, "Elvis music keeps the family together. I promised to come every year to pay tribute to Elvis because he is very important to the family life". Joe Makowski, a fan who saw the singer perform 81 times, said, "The biggest thing I get out of it is seeing the young fans that weren't even born until years after he passed away". Around 15,000 people attended the event, according to police estimates, although 75,000 are expected in 2012 for the 35th anniversary of the singer's death.
Elvis Presley died on 16th August 1977 after being found on his bathroom floor shortly before he was due to begin a U.S. tour. He was pronounced dead at the Memphis' Baptist Memorial Hospital later that day.