Elvis Presley ENTERPRISES is seeking legal action against two men over the illegal sale of a DVD and CD box set.
ELVIS PRESLEY ENTERPRISES, which manages the late singer's publishing assets, say a man named Joseph Pirzada is the source of the illegal box set, which contains footage of Presley's performances, according to the Hollywood Reporter.
In a lawsuit filed in Florida, the company claims that Pirzada and a man named Bud Glass allegedly sold and distributed the box set in the United States without authorization. They say that the material included footage taken from the historic 1977 television special 'Elvis in Concert' as well as from the stars shows in Omaha, Nebraska and Rapid City in South Dakota. The two men accused are yet to comment on the allegations.
JACK SODEN, the Ceo of Elvis Enterprises, said in a statement, "Elvis Presley Enterprises will not tolerate infringement of our intellectual property rights". Recently, the company won a judgement in England and Wales against Agostino Carollo, known as Dj Spankox. According to the Yahoo News, the company sued Carollo for releasing a Christmas remix album that included Elvis Presley Enterprises' trademarks, logos and photos.