LATEST: The Elvis Is Alive Museum has been saved and will move to Elvis Presley's home state of Mississippi. The Missouri museum famous for storing items to support conspiracy theories that The King is alive was on the verge of closing for good when Bill Beeny, the proprietor, announced he was selling off the artifacts he has treasured for the past 17 years. But his entire museum has been bought for $8,300 (GBP4,150) by Presley fan Andy Key, who plans to relocate the items to a new space in Mississippi. The exhibits includes Presley DNA reports, rare memorabilia and a taped recording of what is said to be Elvis Presley's voicemade long after the date of his death. Canny Key says, "I have no idea when the new museum will open but if Elvis wants to come to the opening, he can certainly come back." Presley died of heart failure in August, 1977, aged 42.