Elvis Presley gave his one-of-a-kind diamond wedding ring to his stepbrother's wife in an effort to save their marriage. The ring, which is being auctioned off in Hollywood later this week (14-15DEC06), has an amazing back story that suggests The King was so opposed to divorce after going through his own marriage split, he did everything he could to save other family members' unions. Profiles In History auction house boss JOSEPH M MADDALENA, who hopes the ring will fetch between $100,000 (GBP57,100) and $150,000 (GBP76,900), admits he was touched when he heard of Presley's generosity. He explains, "Elvis called his stepbrother and his wife ANGELA into a mediation six months before he died and he gave her his wedding ring as a token of his affection. He told them why they shouldn't get a divorce. "Unfortunately, Elvis' intervention didn't work and the two later split. Angela kept the ring and then gave it to the now defunct Elvis Presley Museum in the 1980s. My co-signer bought it from the museum after it closed its doors a decade ago." And, whereas many auction houses struggle to get authenticity for items like this, Maddalena was inundated with letters. He adds, "It (ring) has a letter from Angela, her ex, the jeweller who made the ring and delivered it to Elvis at the Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas. "I even have a letter from Elvis' best man JOE ESPOSITO who oversaw the wedding ceremony in a freight elevator at the Aladdin."