Owners of a museum originally planned to purchase a small piece of Elvis Presley's favourite amusement park ride, but ended up buying up the entire roller coaster at auction on Wednesday (21JUN06). The wooden roller coaster, named the Zippin Pippin, was a top attraction at Libertyland, an amusement park Presley rented for parties. The amusement park is closing and its rides were sold at auction on Wednesday (21JUN06). ROBERT REYNOLDS and STEPHEN SHUTTS, partners in a traveling museum called the Honky Tonk Hall of Fame + Rock-N-Roll Roadshow, originally intended to buy one of the roller coaster's cars. The pair ended up buying the entire superstructure, which is billed as one of the oldest wooden roller coasters in the US, for the bargain price of $2,500 (GBP1,400).