A photo exhibition depicting Elvis Presley's meeting with former US President RICHARD NIXON almost 40 years ago opened to the public in California today (08JAN07). The Richard Nixon Presidential Library + Birthplace is commemorating what would have been The King's 72nd birthday by allowing fans to see some of his most iconic pictures, including the moment he visited the White House. Their meeting on 21 December 1970 lasted just 30 minutes, however a photograph of the two men shaking hands remains the most requested document from the US National Archives. BUD KROGH, Nixon's former deputy counsel who set up the impromptu meeting, says, "The two of them together somehow is almost incomprehensible. "The king of rock and the president of the United States shaking hands in the Oval Office doesn't compute for a lot of people." The museum's assistant director SANDY QUINN, adds, "We've known for years that that photograph is an icon image. It is The President and The King." Presley requested the meeting to discuss how he could help Nixon in the fight against drugs.