An Elvis Presley fan had a special reason to remember the 50th anniversary of rock 'n' roll at the weekend (03-04JUL04) when a contest win turned into a meeting with THE KING's ghost.

Scott Strauss won the ELVIS FOR A DAY competition drawn up by American TV listings magazine TV GUIDE and was amazed with how close he came to his hero.

He says, "I thought maybe I'd get some CDs or DVDs. They flew me and my wife out to Memphis, Tennessee, and put us up in the GRACELAND suite in the HEARTBREAK HOTEL.

"I got to go to Sun Studios and record THAT'S ALL RIGHT MAMA exactly where ELVIS stood and I was fitted head to toe in LANSKY BROTHERS clothing, the clothier for Elvis. I also got a private tour of Graceland.

"But recording at Sun Studios was a real highlight. I could feel Elvis' presence as I was singing."

05/07/2004 21:00