Rocker Elvis Costello is putting together an opera based on Danish fairytale writer HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN's love for a Swedish woman.

THE SECRET ARIAS is based on songs written by Andersen for JENNY LIND, a soprano dubbed the "Swedish Nightingale" whom the writer pined for -but she never returning his affections.

HENRIK ENGELBRECHT, head of dramaturgy at Denmark's Royal Theater, says, "Elvis immediately loved the idea and when we met him 18 months ago to discuss it, he had already a clear idea about the opera."

The show is scheduled to open next year (06) in the new opera house's small experimental stage, but the cast has not yet been chosen.

After Copenhagen, The Secret Arias will go on an international tour, says Engelbrecht, and then the live recordings will be released as a CD and DVD.

Costello, who has recorded with Swedish soprano ANNE SOFIE VON OTTER and the BRODSKY QUARTET, will perform the songs in a concert this autumn (05) at the new opera house, which opened on 15 January (05).

21/01/2005 20:10