Pop veteran SIR Elton John has been hailed a "musical genius" by hip-hop producer Timbaland, after the pair collaborated on a recent track. Timbaland, who has also worked with music sensations including Nelly Furtado, Justin Timberlake and Bjork, admits he was star-struck when John entered the studio - despite the fact he barely opened his mouth to sing. He tells MTV, "He played for at least seven hours. He was dope. You're talking about a guy ... he's done songs with Aretha Franklin. You're talking about a dude I can't keep up with. That's all I can say. "The song I got with him, really it's just him playing. I don't have him singing. I might have him say one little line, that's it. It's more about his art and what he does. That's what people loved him for. When BENNIE AND THE JETS came out, there really weren't any lyrics. It was more about the music. He's a musical genius."